Parish green spaces

Parish green spaces

Spending the precept and showing value for money can sometime be a challenge. That’s why we’re convinced that your parisher’s will support an outdoor gym installation.

The units can be hand picked to suit your particular users and offer a wide range of benefits to every age group. See our Packages here.

Because of their clever design many units are suitable for both young and old, physically fit and infirm. By varying the style of exercise everyone can benefit from the low impact work out that these Fresh-Air Fitness units offer.

Either, group the units together or spread them out around the parish green and the unique Fresh-Air Fitness colour scheme will blend into the background. Some parishes site their units in areas of under-use to help reduce vandalism and loitering. It’s durable, safe and fun to use by all.

Pick from our recommended packages or select the units yourself.

push up dip station Hip Twister